Regulatory Department


Regulatory Director Stephen M. Petit, Jr.
Office: (504) 737-6765 Fax: (504) 737-6384
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Regulatory Clerk Shantell Richoux
Office: (504) 737-6765 Fax: (504) 737-6384
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Regulatory Clerk John Boudreaux
Office: (504) 737-6765 Fax: (504) 737-6384
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For Permits In The City Of Harahan:

Call our Regulatory Department for information before starting any work in the City of Harahan.

Permits and licenses of all sorts must be obtained in person from the Harahan Permit and License Department at City Hall between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Printable forms are available here in .pdf format below, but anyone applying must appear in person to pay the appropriate fee and return the completed form.

Harahan City Permits

(Permits not yet listed below can be obtained by contacting the Regulatory Department)

  Building Permit >   CLICK HERE
  Plumbing Permit >    CLICK HERE
  Electrical Permit >   Coming Soon
  Permitting & Inspection Requirements >   Coming Soon
  Mechanical License   Coming Soon
  Plumbing License   Coming Soon
  Gas Fitter License >   Coming Soon
  Commercial Worksheet >   Coming Soon
  Solar Panels Installation Requirements >   Coming Soon
  Regular Occupational License >    Coming Soon
  Restricted Occupational License >   Coming Soon
  Home Occupation License Agreement >   Coming Soon
  Occupational License Tax Table  >   Coming Soon
  Alcoholic Beverage License >   Coming Soon
  Dumpster Permit >   Coming Soon
  Planning & Zoning Application >   Coming Soon
  Resub Zoning Permit >   Coming Soon
  Notice of Appeal >   Coming Soon
  Garage Sale Permit >   Coming Soon
  Peddler's Permit >   Coming Soon
  Pony Party License >   Coming Soon