HFD Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Does your department fill swimming pools?

The City of Harahan Fire Department does not fill swimming pools. 


Do you have volunteer firefighters?

The City of Harahan Fire Department does not have volunteer firefighters.


How do I become a firefighter?

Interested candidates must first take a civil service test and then apply at each fire department. Test dates and locations can be found at  http://www.ose.louisiana.gov 


What is your fire insurance rating?

The City of Harahan Fire Department diligently maintains a Class 3 fire insurance rating.


Can I burn leaves and/or have a fire in my backyard?

The City of Harahan’s Burn Ordinance states that fires must be in a container with a grate on top to control embers.


Why do firetrucks show up when I call an ambulance?

Harahan Firefighters are trained as first responders. Our firetrucks carry several lifesaving tools. Firefighters can initiate medical care often before an ambulance arrives.


Do you install smoke detectors?

The City of Harahan Fire Department, in conjunction with the Louisiana State Fire Marshall’s Office, does install smoke detectors at houses within the city. Please fill out the form on the left hand side of this screen to request an install time and date.


My fire hydrant is leaking and/or broken. Do you repair fire hydrants?

The City of Harahan Fire Department checks fire hydrants twice a year to ensure that they are functioning properly. Any broken fire hydrants are reported to the Jefferson Parish Water Department at 504-736-6060 during business hours and 504-838-4363 after hours.


Can I tour the firehouse?

The City of Harahan Fire Department always welcomes visitors. If you or a school/civic group would like to tour the firehouse please call us during regular business hours at 504-737-9957.


Does your department fill or inspect fire extinguishers?

The City of Harahan Fire Department does not fill or inspect fire extinguishers. Please check your local yellow pages for a company that performs this service.